The one-click online photo coverage

Reportage photo pour une vente immobilière avec OuiFlash
At the beginning of 2016, I met Thibault Lemonnier and Laurent Kretz, two of the founding partners of Ouiflash a.k.a « The one-click online photo coverage ». This web service is specialised in purchase orders of Real Estate photo coverages at the single price of 89 euros, regardless of the property type and of its location.

Yet, for the realtors, the relevance and the benefits of this new digital tool lie elsewhere. Not only 1200 professionals are at your disposal, ready to travel throughout France within 24 hours, in just one click but you also profit from a user plateform that will dastically improve the service usage and will make you want to use it again.

Photo coverage in the Real Estate sales

Since the photo graphic aspect has been proven to be a key element in selling a property, more and more realtors are making photo quality a priority and therefore more prone to contact a professional photographer.

“Is ordering a photo coverage a new service?

– No.

And ordering it through OuiFlash?

– Yes.

Why ?

– Because we remodeled the user application of the service from A to Z. «  It’s Raison d’être » ?”

The removal of common constraints (price, search for a photographer, delivery time, assignment of copyrights, differing quality, etc).

There lies the real added value for realtors.

Let’s follow the example of innovative start-ups to upgrade our professions and take the lead.  It’s never too late.”

Thibault Guillaume

The photo coverage can be a major asset for your company, regardless of its purpose.

It could be useful to fuel the digital channels of communication (Websites, social media…) or  offline channels (print display, LED window display, point of sale signage…) Photo coverage  completed by a profesionnal can turn out to be a real asset to convert any potential customer and have them use your services.

VitrineMedia guides you in the creation of your illuminated window display, while suiting your communication.

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