How to Choose an LED Display Case for a Real Estat...

How to Choose an LED Display Case for a Real Estate Agency

Devanture d'une agence immobilière Century 21 équipée de panneaux LED
Looking to improve your business’ exposure? A lit display panel is the perfect tool to help you do just that. In fact, using these devices can increase foot traffic to your real estate agency’s by 37%. Here are the four key principles to consider when making your decision.

Spoil Your Storefront

Between an exterior LED display and one designed to decorate interiors, you’re much better off with the first option. It’s the outside of your real estate agency that speaks to your client first and stops them in their tracks. The image you put up must clearly show passersbys the offers that await them when they come in to your establishment. So if you’re only interested in a single illuminated display, make sure you go with one that offers a view from the outside.

Pay Attention to the Direction of the Light

The best way of lighting a display case is from the bottom up. So the device you’ll want is one that uses this method. When positioned like this, light can really make photographs stand out by heightening color rendering. This shows the images in their natural setting and gives them energy. And your establishment will become more noticeable in the process.

Get a Device That Gives You Functional Color Usage

Third criteria: The device needs to ensure varying color usage. This feature allows you to associate a different color scheme for each type of offer you have. For instance, yellow can become the color for discounts. But you can also define a typology to your structure. In any event, your display must offer a color rendering index, IRC, close to 100.

Go with Display Cases with Adjustable Settings

The last, but not least, criteria you need to take into consideration, is the extent to which the display case can create visualizations that are repurposable for specific needs This way, you can easily modify your advertisements depending on the  projects or transaction types you’re offering.

Want to go with a display case for your real estate agency? Be sure to go over these points first in order to make a choice that will truly make your agency stand out.


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