The 8 Biggest Benefits Of Having A Digital Point O...

The 8 Biggest Benefits Of Having A Digital Point Of Sale (POS) System

Let’s face it – point of sale (POS) advertising has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years. With the value of video rising as we speak, it is certainly one of the marketing methods that converts well and shows the audience what they want: engaging brand stories.

And while many companies adopted POS display advertising in their stores as the only place where physical contact is made – there are still some brands that are resistant to this new era of advertising. However, point of sale advertising has shown to be a great fit for brands of all types and in all industries – from real estate to retail.

The best way to show you the rise of point of sale marketing and its potential future is to list the awesome benefits of this advertising type. And we are doing that below:

1. It Adopts A Hi-Tech Approach (One We Could Only See In The Movies)

If you remember some of the cult movies in the 90s and the scenes with malls filled of customized ads on digital in store displays, you surely know that this technology was somehow predicted. However, the great thing is that we got it way sooner than expected – and that it works by exactly planting suggestions in the mind of the consumers that they are in need of certain products or services.

2. It Is Meant To Increase Your Sales (By At Least 100%)

The use of ads from text to video to audio serves as a great way to monetize the physical traffic and grab the attention of consumers passing by. That being said, it is more than evident that this technology is meant to increase your sales.

According to some official and legit stats, even 44% of the ad viewers feel that native advertising is a less intrusive format that also offers a better user experience than other formats.

3. It Promotes An Instant Upsell

Let’s say a consumer wants to visit a real estate agency interested in renting an apartment. Not knowing all of the possibilities and properties for rent, he instantly sees a video of their new properties in a better location and with better terms of payment. From what he sees, the customer immediately decides to go for the better (and more expensive) alternative just because he saw it on video and successfully engaged with it.

This is only one example of how important display advertising is when it comes to physical contact – and how it aims to upsell the products or services to consumers.

4. A Real And High-Quality Experience

According to many stats, video is the undisputed seller and a pioneering technology in the 21st century that convinces everyone to make a buying decision. As the premier communications tool of today, video is not intrusive and offers the human mind the information and interaction it needs.

In other words, we cannot even realize how much we know and learn from video. From TV to YouTube, video is everywhere around us and has adapted every single of us to its power.

5. It Is Great For Product Exposure

Consumers nowadays want stories. They want to experience products – rather than just seeing it. The great thing about point of sale display advertising is that it easily (and natively) offers that kind of experience.

Whether it is a product with a display ad behind it showing how to use it – or how it is used – this kind of advertising is perfect for pushing a product to its right audience.

6. An Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Going back to the movie example we mentioned in the beginning, it is safe to say that a store or agency that uses point of sale display advertising grabs the customer’s attention in a better way. Display ads are aesthetic and create a pleasing atmosphere. Aside from grabbing the attention, they build authority for the brand in the heads of the consumers.

That makes it easy for every customer to buy a product from a reputable, stylish and well designed store – rather than a traditionally designed one.

7.  It Could Go A Long Way In The Future

Point of sale advertising through displays is not just a new trend on the block. It is insanely effective in targeting consumers in the store – only because most of the purchasing decisions (about 70%) happen in the store!

As such, POS advertising is developing to a point of implementing facial recognition scanners in the stores that will present targeted ads for every viewer. Even though they would not know who you are, these scanners will be able to ‘read’ your age and gender and show you content to your likes.

8. The Bottom Line

At last, point of sale display advertising is a great way to promote and market products, services or just the idea of your brand and its reputation in the industry.

Once you ensure that your display ticks all the boxes your audience needs – you will undoubtedly see great success in your sales!

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