Digital Window Displays: 5 Videos That Real Estate...

Digital Window Displays: 5 Videos That Real Estate Agents Should Place On Theirs

Let’s face it – the world is crazy for video nowadays. If one photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth billions. It is the motion of video that engages, captivates and informs the audience in the best way possible, leading to instant call to action.

In the real estate world, video is no new thing. However, it is not used to its full potential either. One great way to make most of videos for real estate agents are digital window displays videos.

Digital Window Displays For Real Estate: A Great Way To Make A Solid Impression

In case you haven’t heard about them, digital window displays for real estate owners are great for consumers because they get easily caught in the eye as we said in our article Why use a LED screen with your commercial window display?
On top of that, the story that a video can tell in only few seconds is not comparable to any other media.

Therefore, it is safe to say that digital window displays are a great way for realtors to increase their  traffic (and therefore sales) – but also to add some vividness and motion to their window display. However, a lot of real estate agents wonder what is the right approach to digital display video nowadays.

For that manner, we are listing the best five approaches below:

1. Corporate Content

First and foremost is the corporate approach, where companies and realtors introduce themselves, their teams and the years of experience they have in the market. Usually, corporate videos for window displays are great because they instantly show the value of the company and the key numbers related to it.

A great corporate video for a display window advertisement is a video that shows the team, briefly shows the years of experience, the projects, turnover of properties sold as well as some of the most notable clients that the realtor has.

2. Customer Itinerary

Another type of video that does wonders when it comes to interaction – is the customer itinerary. In this type of video, the customer is the main subject and the main role. From the very first moment when the customer enters the agency up to the moment when he eventually buys or sells their property, this type of window display video is great for showcasing the journey that every client goes through – and the greatness of it provided by the real estate company.

Customer itineraries are great for one reason – the bond between the salesmen and the customers that is based on proximity and trust. On top of that, the customer itinerary video makes the whole process of becoming an owner, renter or seller easier, more accessible and better from every new customer’s perspective.

3. Key Numbers

A lot of real estate companies nowadays rely on numbers as the most adequate way to showcase their experience and strength in the marketplace. Speaking of, numbers are also great when animated in a video. They can either convey the numerical data of the company itself – or about the market in general.

The main reason why this numerical approach for real estate display window works – is the accuracy of information. With it, the customer is more confident and able to make a rational decision based on actual data from the marketplace, again provided by the agency itself.

4. Surroundings

Perhaps the most used display video by real estate agents nowadays is the surroundings one. Obviously, no realtor would miss a shot to showcase some of their best properties on video and pride themselves on the trust by the community, location of the properties or other information.

In an era where technology is constantly developing, a lot of real estate companies have adopted the aerial real estate video as a new trend in showcasing surroundings. The benefits of this type of video are endless – not only it shows the actual neighborhood and geographical location, it is an attractive way that is proven to sell.

5. Customers Testimonials

Last but not the least, is the approach that many real estate agents find it great to use – actual customer testimonials from satisfied clients.

Now, we all know that a good word goes a long way, especially in industries like the real estate one. In this scenario, the digital window display showcases opinion, reviews, ratings and guestbook samples of numerous satisfied clients that worked with the real estate company.

Clearly, this is another great approach for winning the customer’s attention and trust as well as proving them that they are in safe hands regarding buying, renting or selling their property.

A Final Word

In the end, digital window displays are a product of the new technology, where video is seen as the most persuasive form of media that instantly sells and is able to build an opinion in the customer’s mind. No matter how it is used or whether it is used in the storefront or the actual office, it goes a long way in building trust and capturing attention.

The bottom line is that as long as the digital display videos are made of high-quality and feature captivating stories, surroundings or data – they are on a good way to sell and engage as many new potential customers as possible.


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